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25 April 2018

Finding RVARY password hashes

by Jim

This is also included in SETRRCVT but to find the DES encrypted RVARY passwords in common storage:

BROWSE 10.?+3e0?+1B8

RVARY passwords

In the above example the password was set to “QWERTY1” for both RVARY SWITCH and RVARY STATUS and “5AA70358 A9C369E0” is the DES value for both (RVARY SWITCH is the first set of bytes and RVARY STATUS the second set). If the values are all “0”s then the default password of “YES” is set.

If you want to run this in hashcat then the key used to generate the DES hashes is the plaintext password itself! e.g. $racf$*QWERTY1*5AA70358A9C369E0

With thanks to Nigel Pentland for his assistance on figuring out the key used

tags: RACF - RVARY