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25 April 2018

ISRDDN Control Block Browsing

by Jim

  1. From a TSO READY prompt or in ISPF option 6 ALLOC DA(ISRDDN.CB) DSORG(PS) SPACE(1,0) TRACKS LRECL(80) RECFM(F,B) BLKSIZE(27920) NEW

  2. Copy the data from MVS Control Blocks.txt into yourid.ISRDDN.CB.

  3. Enter ALLOC F(ISRDDN) DA('yourid.ISRDDN.CB') SHR from ISPF option 6 (and additonally add this to your logon allocations if required)

  4. You can then enter TSO ISRDDN and type B ACEE to jump to your ACEE in storage etc.

Process taken from here

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